Zola’s Parallel Writing Essay

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Many women were forced to walk the streets or work in brothels because they had no other choice. However, an interesting point I found in researching this topic is that there were as many different categories of prostitutes as there were social classes in Paris at the time. At the opposite end of the spectrum were courtesans, who were kept mistresses of the bourgeoisie and nobility, and often chose this particular lifestyle for its relative freedom and assured luxury. The lower classes of registered and unregistered prostitutes were regulated by the law enforcement, while the government basically ignored the courtesans. As a product of her environment, Nana adopted does not actually have values at all. During the course of the novel, there is no immoral action that Nana does not commit. She is incapable of being true to anyone, she constantly deceives everyone she makes a connection with, she has no respect for any person or institution, she will sleep with anyone at any time, and most interestingly, she drags everyone else down to her level. She’s such a fascinating character because she can be impulsive, generous, hateful and spontaneous. She definitely abuses the power of her sexuality and the beauty of her body. Nana represents the values of her particular era. When she spends money extravagantly, when she acts capriciously, and when she excessively demands from the men who adore her, she becomes a symbol of an era that sacrificed virtues to enjoyments. Nana’s character is fascinating and throughout the the novel we should be aware of the genius fact that there are two Nanas. The first being the woman of the streets who seems to possess no particular or outstanding attributes, and the second is the symbolic Nana who represents all the sexuality inherent throughout French society. The first Nana is simpleminded and gives herself to anyone at any time. While

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