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So a question was asked of me, explain why water quantity and water quality are equally important. As I sat there pondering the question and figured, first one must understand the water cycle itself. The water cycle also known as the Hydological cycle is a continuous process that has five components. Evaporation which is water in the atmosphere, Condensation is water vapor, Precipatation is rainfall, Infiltration is water penetrating the ground and lastly Runoff is when that water flows into lakes, rivers and oceans. The challenges we are faced with as far as water quantity and water quality are distributed world wide. Climate change, population, pollution and privatization of our water supply are some of the main contributing factors. Currently, one-third of the world is living in water scarce regions. It is projected that in the next forty-five to fifty years almost halh of the worlds population will live in dry regions. Human Beings contribution to glabal warming, not only has an effect on our water quantity but on our water quality as well. The same industries that pollute our air also produce by-product wate that pollutes and is dumped into our waters. Water quantity is not the only feature of water resources affected by climate; climate change will also affect water quality. Moderate amounts of surface water quality will improve as streams, lakes and rivers fill and dilute their pollutants; where available surface water decreases, pollutants will intensefy and water quality will eventally decrease. In those areas where water quantities go up dramatically, or where intense precipitation events become more common, water quality will deteriorate substantially as more pollutants are washed into water supplies. As the worlds population increases our water supply decreases. Our basic supply and demand model shows us that
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