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a After watching the short film about Zappos, I can understand why they make their customer happy. I think it start at the top of the ladder of command. The top step on the ladder is just like the last step. He is a cubically not a huge office, there entire get free food and benefits just like just alike. The advantage is that when you treat your staff with respect they will pass it forward. I tell my staff all the time smile at the phone as if the customer is standing in front of you. The disadvantages would what would happen if one day you could not supply those benefits, will your staff still work just as hard. The major two things that I see and mean so much to me is that, the entire company respects each other. There is nobody better or on step above you is better or think they are better. They the company seem like they care a lot for all of their employees. They could do a follow up calls and simple survey. Our just keep track of repeat shoppers, and/or a referral poses. During the end of the film, it showed a factor which, you could see the shipping factory where they showed up beat and in general happy. I could not see Warren Buffet or Sam Walmart empire do this they both are about the making of the all mighty dollar. This CEO charges more about the people. Know is they, the customer and crew, are happy money will be coming

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