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Zip-6 Colombia Global Business Should Zip-6 expand into Colombia? After investor Nils felt that Ravi and Keith should take the steps to expand into this company specifically; throughout this paper I will discuss the facts and research on Colombia to determine if expansion in Colombia is ideal. For the past 50 years Colombia has had issues with guerilla groups attacking civilians trying to overthrow the government. Efforts to restore order emerged in 2012 when, “The Colombian Government has stepped up efforts to reassert government control throughout the country, and now has a presence in every one of its administrative departments. Despite decades of internal conflict and drug related security challenges.” ( The results have been positive with fair elections, protection for the people, and a strong government. Colombia’s economy face the highest unemployment rate in Latin America statistically reported by, at 10.3% in 2012. Colombia's economic policies involving the free trade agreements make it easy for Ravi and Keith to have flow of goods imported and exported. “Economic development is stymied by inadequate infrastructure, weakened further by recent flooding.” ( Colombia has the largest count of Latin American refugees leaving the country and settling in Venezuela and the United States. According to, Colombia has the highest forced disappearance rate in the world. ( An example is the story of Nicole Culverhouse who was kidnapped when she was four years old and put in an adoption orphanage where shortly after she was adopted by a German family. Although her adoptive parents raised her well and they had no idea about the kidnapping, 36yrs passed before she was reunited with her family. ( The example of Nicole is important for Ravi and Keith to factor into their

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