zionism and Palestinian Nationalism

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Zionism vs. Palestinian Nationalism Conflicts in Middle Eastern Countries like Palestine have been fueled by many things. For instance, anger and a desire for land usually play a role in wars, but these are not always the main causes. Sometimes it is necessary to look beyond these common ideas of war in order to look for the true causes of the bloodshed. For instance the situation in Palestine stems from two cultures unable and unwilling to really coexist with each other. One group feels they have total right over Palestine because they are the original habitants. The other group, which is the Arabs who have occupied the majority of Palestine up to that point, feel that they belong there as well. Therefore, the two groups’ cultures clash as members of each side unite together in compassion and loyalty while fighting to gain power and status for their people. Zionism also known as Jewish Nationalism and Palestinian Arab nationalism are two groups who have formed over time to fight for control of Palestine. Consequently, Zionism has been viewed by some as the more organized and effective nationalist movement. In the following sections I will explain how Jewish Nationalism could be considered more organized and effective than Palestinian Nationalism by describing the establishment of Zionism, and the comparisons between the two groups. Moreover, Zionism which is also known as Jewish nationalism came into existence in Russia where the Jewish were not really accepted during the 1890s. The followers of the Zionist movement had the belief that they as Jews are a people or nation like any other, and should gather together in a single homeland. This homeland was hopefully going to be Palestine. I believe the hatred and turmoil the Jewish community received powered them to survive. They were treated as illegal immigrants and as common beggars (Khater, p.117). Jews were

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