Zinn Chapter 12 Empire of the People Essay

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Essay: Zinn Chapter 12 Empire of the People In the 20th century the United States was looking to expand. Which it would help shape America, it was President Roosevelt and Captain Mahan that wanted expansion. They used propaganda to gained other powerful leaders within the United States. Farmers were demanding for an expansion in the United States. So many manufactured goods were being produced in America, they needed foreign markets and trade became prominent. American became one the largest trading companies in 1893 America became greatly interested in helping Cuba as an appeal of expansion during the reign of Cleveland and McKinley as presidents. Cuba was at a revolt against the Spaniards for independence during the time. Americans gave Cuba popular support because they were fighting for liberation. There was fear that Cuba might turn into a black republic similar to Haiti. The U.S. battleship Maine, a representation of the interest in Cuba, was destroyed by an unknown explosion. The United States blamed Spain for the explosion, but it was faulty wiring. Congress voted to go to war and sent troops and after a long battle, Cuba became a part of America. The U.S. looks to the Philippines to be a bridge to trade in China. Troops were sent into the Philippines to take control and so the Philippine War started. The Filipinos were resisting the start of a war in their country against the Americans. American staged confrontations that would allow them to engage in war in order to annex the country. An army officer speaking in Boston’s Faneuil Hall said his colonel had given him orders to provoke a conflict with the insurgents” (Pg. 314) It was a time of racism in the United States and the Filipinos were viewed as another “colored” peoples. After massacres of the Filipinos by the American army, the US finally annexed the Philippines. A black soldier had said,

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