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Report stating findings to identify problems which have arisen within Zinn’ s Burger and Pizza. To best assess all issues I have chosen to use section 2.4 from Book 1 B120 swot analysis. Having looked at all the information I have performed a swot analysis which has highlighted some significant threats and weaknesses within the business. For the company to be able to improve and move forward I will address the most relevant points found. The main issues that are facing the restaurant are lack of management and staff structure. In terms of management structure I feel it would be beneficial to look at recruiting Duty Managers and introducing shift patterns for all management. The shift patterns need to be done on a rota basis to ensure that a member of management is on duty during all trading hours. They need to set up an effective communication strategy and realistic targets and waste figures. They will then be in a position to address the largest threat to the business which is staff disloyalty and theft. It has become common practice for evening supervisors to be of a young age and offered no formal training or authority to conduct their job role. This has created an “after hours” culture within the business. The restaurant has a high turnover of staff due to the demographics of the area and a high student base. Therefore little or no time is spent on inductions or training. This in turn does not endear the employees to the business or generate any loyalty. This is evident in the waste figures. Management are not consistent in enforcing policies or engaging staff in their jobs. By the introduction of a properly trained manager onto every shift they will be able to raise the knowledge and capability of all staff, control and monitor waste and staff entitlements and ensure they are delivering a concise effective service to the customer. Also the introduction of

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