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Case Study: Zing PC 1. What are the Major Problems facing ZingPC? * Losing the market share Zing PC is losing its market share because of Push strategy failing to comply specific customer needs. * Dysfunctional Logistics Dysfunctional Logistics occurs because there is no 3PL (third party Logistics Contractor) for inventory / supply and order deliveries to the customer, hence overloading company resources / expertise. * Lack of inventory Management Lack of inventory management and standardized parts not being used in manufacturing, due to unrelated inventory procurement of Zing PC. * Ineffective collaboration with the suppliers No or little communication with key suppliers, hence effecting quality and quantity of shipments. * Poor Internal communication Lack of internal communication causing disruption of business processes / operations. * Manufacturing bottlenecks Lack of inventory management / loss of inventory causing manufacturing delays, hence creating bottlenecks / in efficiencies. * Assembly Lines Faults Poor design of assembly floor line is causing manufacturing delays as inter related task are done separately. * Poor Market Reputation Due to ineffective order deliveries to customers and problems with suppliers is causing Zing PC its market reputation. * Excessive Lead Time Excessive Lead time causing delays in decision making of the firm creating operational delays. 2. How could ZingPC benefit from outsourcing? * Solution for packaging, warehousing, distribution * Saves time and money with the industry expertise * Hold relationships and large volume discounts results in fast delivery of services * Just in Time (JIT) requests can be implemented effectively * Implementation of 3PL Contractors * Innovation and expertise eliminates inefficiencies of old /

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