Zimmerman's Argumentative Essay: Stand Your Ground

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We will never know the truth. Who`s flat it was. Trayvon is gone, and there is no way to find out how everything actually was. I do believe that sometimes people specially police need to protect themselves. But I do not agree that they have to shoot. Gun is the last thing to use for self defense. "Trayvon had a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea. Zimmerman had a nine millimeter handgun." what possible can a young boy do against to police officer if he knew that the police always have a gun. It was unequal comparison. Zimmerman was not in such a dangerous situation to use the gun. "I do not think based on Zimmerman's explanation to the police that he has a valid Stand Your Ground claim. He is not saying that he was assaulted frontally and…show more content…
According to police, they took a man in custody and released him because they could find no evidence or probable cause to rebut Zimmerman's assertion that Trayvon attacked him and was pummeling him on the ground before Zimmerman pulled out his nine millimeter and shot him. Critics disparaged what they perceived to be Zimmerman racially profiling Martin, and a selectively edited phone call that aired on NBC's Today show incorrectly inferred that Zimmerman had volunteered the race of Martin to police officers without being specifically asked. 911 dissector said stop chasing the guy, but Zimmerman have not followed his commandment. He was not officer on duty, he was watching this neighborhood by his own choice, and he was following Martin who actually lived in this neighborhood. He started to chaise martin without any reason. Of course Martin got afraid and starts to run. But Zimmerman got direct direction to stop chasing this…show more content…
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