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Zero tolerance policies are very important for the safety of everyone in the school system. These policies include suspension for drug use, alcohol, and forms of misbehavior. However, some can disagree with the effectiveness of zero tolerance with events like the Columbine and Virginia Tech shooting. Creating a safe and prosperous learning environment for students and staff is the goal behind Zero Tolerance policies. Drug use or weapon possesion in school is an offense that should not be taken lightly. In my middle school 4 years ago, a student over dosed on Zanex pills and had to be rushed to the hospital. The school did not enforce policies against the use of drugs and did not recognize this event as an example to deter other students…show more content…
In many cases students are just suspended for minor and major disciplinary infractions. The severity of the incidents should be handled differently. The factors of certain situations should also be taken into consideration. If a student finds a knife placed in lunch box by a parent that was meant to be used for lunch and handed it over to administration, they should not have the same punishment for someone who brings the same item with different intentions. As discusses in source B, the irrational removal of students from schools after the implementation of the Zero Tolerance policies began to arise. An incident that was brought up included a 5 year old boy who kissed a girl on the cheek and was suspended from school. Another involved a high school student who persuaded a suicidal friend that had a weapon to give it to him. When he gave it to the authorities, the student who helped his friend was expelled. These are prime examples of the lack of effectiveness of these policies. They are so extreme that they begin to cause more negatives instead of positives. Those students who are suspended or expelled for minor actions or ones that they are not truly guilty of while fall behind in their school work. Being behind in their classes could lead to discouragement to continue to work

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