Zen Teach Essay

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Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware. It does not teach, it points What is Zen? It's difficult for me to define Zen in a sentence, because that's impossible. But the best way to begin to describe Zen is to say that it teaches nothing. From D.T. Suzuki (a mentor of Alan Watts) says this of Zen: "Whatever teachings there are in Zen, they come out of one's own mind. We teach ourselves; Zen merely points the way. Unless this pointing is teaching, there is certainly nothing in Zen purposely set up as its cardinal doctrines or as its fundamental philosophy. Zen is mere waste paper whose utility consists in wiping off the dirt of intellect and nothing more (Suzuki 8-9)." Zen clears the mind of its obstacles that get in the way of understanding its true nature. This was a major mission of Alan Watts, to help liberate us from the game of life. Zen Buddhism is not a theory, an idea, or a piece of knowledge. It is not abelief, a dogma, or a religion; but rather, it is a practical experience. We cannot intellectually grasp Zen, because human intelligence and wisdom is too limited- the dojo (the hall where Zazen is practiced) is different from the university. Zen is not a moral teaching, and as it is without dogma, it does not require one to believe in anything. A true spiritual path does not tell people what to believe in, rather it shows them how to think; or, in the case of Zen- what not to

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