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The Zeitgeist Movement is a social movement that has emerged in the past few years. There are three components of this movement that are all related but also distinct. There is the Venus Project located in Venus, Florida, which is headed by Jacques Fresco. There is the Zeitgeist movement, which is described as the activist part of the Venus Project, which consists of many small groups based in various locales. Then there is the Zeitgeist movie, created by Peter Joseph, which posits a number of conspiracies like theories about religion and war. The connection between the movement and the movie is not totally clear and there are various statements that put some distant between the two. However, Fresco and Joseph often work together and although there work is different, they both support each other’s work. The Primary tenet of the Zeitgeist movement is the need to move from a monetary based economy to a resource-based economy that would eliminate the use of money, debt, and servitude. The movement illumines the problem with our monetary based system. One key idea is the reality that our system and mentality is based on scarcity, and in fact that scarcity is what fuels the system. Scarcity ensures profitability while many go without. The Zeitgeist critique of our current system is incredibly poignant and rings true in the economic troubles of the past few years. Zeitgeist posits that through a resource based economy, theft, poverty, class disparities, and meaningless employment will disappear. They argue that resources and technology are kept at bay in order to create the “cyclical consumption” that perpetuates our current system. In fact, the movement says that there are more than enough resources on this planet to support all of our needs, and our technological potential is far more than what has been harnessed. Through the use of technology and the scientific

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