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Evaluate the contributions made by three key contributors to the development of business and management as a distinct area of study. Management is a subject that much has been written and spoken about it. Writing on organisations and management can be seen thousand years ago. Main approaches to organisation,structure and management are : classical approach , human relations , systems and contingency . There are many contributors about these approaches. We see as part of the classical approach scientific management whose major contributor is Frederick Taylor , bureaucracy whose main contributor is Max Weber , and Elton Mayo as major contributor of human-relations approach. Frederick Taylor is called the “father” of scientific management. Taylor believed that in the same way there is a machine for each job, there would be also a best method about people do their job. He considered that there is ‘one best way’ to perform each task. Applying his ideas to the handling of pig iron , he used people like machines. He applied rules , how they should work , how they should rest , increased their wages etc. , and the output was increasing. There were strong reactions against and throughout the work , it didn’t required too much skills and workers found it boring. Whatever the opinions on scientific management, Taylor and his disciples have left to modern management the legacy of such practices as work study, organisation and methods, payment by results, management by exception and production control. Taylor’s scientific management approach examples and management practices based on philosophy of his ideas are appearing also today. Bureaucracy is the collective organizational structure , procedures , protocols and set of regualtions in place to manage acitivity in large organizations and government. Max Weber, a German sociologist, showed particular

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