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1. There are several aspects that make Zara different from other specialty apparel retailers: Shorter lead times for design styles to reach the market, Smaller quantities per style, and various styles available in a year. Another thing is that Zara corporation controls most steps in the supply chain: design, production, distribution and retailing. This control over the entire supply chain process allows Zara the ability to get products to market in a few weeks rather than months and operate on negative working capital. Zara's efficient operating model results in a short product life cycle and is a key differentiator over other retailers. Zara performs the design process in house and produces a high variety of more than 10,000 designs, which allow Zara to mix and match items and sell products quickly to maintain higher gross margins than other retailers. Zara also conducts low pre-season inventory purchases, which allows them to be flexible and supply inventory based on current consumer demand rather than projected consumer trends. Furthermore, Zara automatically places orders in response to current fashion trends, and its tight controls over their distribution process are very accurate and effective for Zara to differentiate themselves from other competitors. To conclude, Zara's effective control and flexibility over most steps in the supply chain differentiates them in the marketplace. 2. Zara’s plan to expand internationally on one hand and its standardized production line and strategy limited to current geographical base in Europe on the other hand could be a possible threat of failure to Zara. There are visible differences in cultural, social, political conditions across different countries and the difference in tastes, liking, and fashion across regions can also pose a threat of failure to Zara. Another threat of failure that lingers Zara is their inability

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