Zara Business Model Essay

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GOALS Zara-the Spanish fast fashion retail company, with their unique and uncopiable business model serving their strategic goals. Zara’s business goal could be defined as two parts; Firstly, Zara is aiming to respond fast and accurately to customers’ frequent changing demand, satisfy customers by new fashion unique designed Zara items. Secondly, for enable to approach more customers and provide customers Zara’s fast-designed fashion items, Zara set up their expansion goal which is spreading widely and opening more branches from first-tier to lower-tier cities all over the world. Zara’s design is close to latest fashion trend and customer demand, and their vertical integrate manufacturing strategy allow Zara produce a large amount of clothes with variety kinds and very short lead time. For the international expansion, Zara started from European market first, which is closer to Spain both in geography and culture. Nowadays, Zara is trying with emerging market like China and rest of Asian countries, as well as other developing countries in south America, America is considered as one of the biggest potential market to Zara because of the large population and great consumption capability. BM By reaching these goals, Zara define their business model as: to ooffer frequent buyers, highly designed products using fast and flexible production as a result of the constant communication between the customers and store managers. TARGET CUSTOMER Customer interface is also an important element to business model, customer interface insists of target customer, distribution channels, and customer relationship. Define the target customers can help company understand what will pay for their products and analysis the common characters of these customers in order to be more accurate to these customers and achieve their selling goals, then make profits at last. The range of

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