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Ronit Dewan 142991 2. As we all know that there are around 500 stores in the metro town mall where an individual can go and shop for themselves. I go to the mall every week. I usually go there by my self. The name of the brand which i like wearing is ZARA for men. So that is the reason why i choose this brand to represent. ZARA for men has got really nice collections that too in an affordable range where people can go and shop for themselves. The rates are not too high or not too low it has the average rate but with a huge collection and quality product. The ZARA for men has got most of the formal clothing items in their stores so for the people who likes to dress up formally that place is perfect and they also create sense of place for them as the store has got a lot of the varieties required by them. And also the store is designed in such a way that the store itself reflects a formal look. The lights used in the stores are really decent not like colorful or flashing lights unlike another stores. The wall does not have any picture it’s all black and grey. And the music is very delight. There is no rock or house songs being played. As i already discussed that store has a formal looks and also the items sold are most of them formal dress so it some how reflects class and high status. Which in other words means that people who likes to dress up formally like wearing shirts, blazer and pants for them the store has got nice collection. Not anyone can go and buy the clothes from this brand its only if you income is high and have enough money to spend. Otherwise there are various cheap brands also like blue notes and urban behavior where the collection is very cheap and simply affordable. Because they provide quantity but not the quality product that is why such brand is different from them because they like to provide quality instead of quantity. Most of the items in

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