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ZAMBIA In Zambia to this day kids are being forced to work for people and are being taken from their homes and turned into slaves. It’s a problem because when these kids are forced to do stuff they don’t want to do they get mad and scared and that Is necessarily bad for their health but then some don’t get to go to school and get their education. Therefore these kids will grow up and be sort of dumb and will be clueless and then won’t know what to do when they grow up and might not get a job but then even later if they do get a job they might become a business owner and will force kids to do the same thing they had gone through and make their life miserable without even knowing what they’re doing. This occurs in mostly in east Zambia. The way to stop child labor in Zambia is that providing the poorest of the poor families with a minimum degree of social protection so people can’t just come take people’s children. In this it involves having at least 1 person per 1 family that is a cop and is willing to help stop child labor and give their time to the people in need. The way they do it is providing a package of special, targeted measures aimed at protecting and removing children from employment (child labor). This will help many families in need to stop their children from getting employment so it makes them have power over their family so don’t lose family or it helps by giving families protection from child labor. Also it helps by letting the kids grow up peacefully and with no pain it just gives them a nice peacefully life. Therefore they will grow up with a education and maybe try to do even more to stop child labor and then they will get a good job most

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