Zalman Vf3000F Vga Cooler W/ Dual Green Led Fans Nvidia Geforce Gtx 580 Gtx 570 Essay

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Roberto Mazzini Michelle Simotas English 1A 2/2/15 Do it for the kids! – Why we must all think like parents when it comes to overpopulation. Parents in America today seem to have more of a long-term outlook than most people without children. Without children, people tend to think that overpopulation could lead to limited resources locally and around the world. They would have you believe that any increase in population would lead to a quicker end to our finite natural resources. To them, more people inhabiting the Earth means more consumption overall. Limiting the amount of children a family can have is one way countries have tried to combat overpopulation. I believe other factors such as high food prices and energy consumption habits will lead to hunger and poverty in today’s world more than overpopulation. In the Global Issues webpage, under Food, the UN states that rising food prices caused “panic and volatility in international grain markets. It also attracted speculative investments in grain futures and options markets. Perhaps as a result, prices rose even higher.” Parents would not fight the argument that most of our resources are limited. What is up for debate is what can be done today to save some of these resources. According to the UN website, in 2007, the rise in fuel cost brought about hunger in the world more so than any overpopulation argument that could be made. Food was not being made available from places that had it to those that need it the most. Because this crisis was not brought about because of overpopulation in the area that needed food assistance, the solution could also not be cutting the population down, like those who believe in overpopulation. During this time, a high-level task force was established This task force, led by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, proposed many solutions to combat this crisis of hunger. The

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