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(500)-30 Organizational Roles and Responsibilities The following presents a summary of the five main functions within the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and their areas of responsibility. 30.1 ArchitectureResearch and Development. Primary Functions: Enterprise Architecture, and Prototype Team Research and Development is comprised of two distinct groups. The TIGTA Enterprise Architecture group is responsible for developing and maintaining the TIGTA Enterprise Architecture (EA), which consists of a series of work products and process setup to serve as guidelines for managing the relationship between information technology and business operations. This serves as the primary mechanism for TIGTA to comply with Clinger-Cohen and other Federal and Department policies and mandates. The EA group is responsible for identifying and assessing organizational business IT objectives and enterprise architecture standards. This includes identifying and developing business need justifications, technical alternatives, resource estimates, and cost benefits. The EA group works with the functional business units and TIGTA IT directors to ensure that all IT procurements, services, and projects are compliant with established EA guidelines. The group membership consists of the Chief Enterprise Architect who acts in the capacity of the EA Program Manager and EA management analysts and business unit liaisons. The second group is the Prototype section. The Prototype lab is responsible for functional and compatibility testing of TIGTA hardware and software, technology evaluation and product selection, Planning, Design and Testing of all O/S components related to workstation and server configuration. This group is also responsible for recommending efficient and cost effective solutions for meeting business requirements. 30.2 Systems Management.

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