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Zaha Hadid – Signature Towers The first designer I have picked to investigate is Zaha Hadid; she was born October 31, 1950 in Baghdad, Iraq. Zaha Hadid is an architect who is often described as someone who consistently pushes the boundaries of architecture and urban designs. Zaha Hadid received a degree in maths from the American University of Beruit. She then moved to study at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. After she graduated Zaha Hadid worked with her former teachers, Rem Koolhas and Elia Zengheils at the office of Metropolitan Architecture. It was then when she met Peter Rice who helped by encouraging her from the beginning of her career. Her best known projects are Vitra Fire Station, Land Formation One Bergisel Ski Jump and Rosenthal Centre for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. Zaha Hadid has won a lot of awards but biggest success was being the first woman to win the Pritzker prize which she won in 2004. The Pritzker architecture Prize is awarded annually by the Hyatt Foundation. The prize was created in 1979 by Jay A. Pritzker and it was run by the Pritzker family. The winner of the prize is awarded 100,000 US dollars and the industry wide fame helps a lot in later projects. The award is also known as the Nobel Prize of architecture which shows the best of the best in the architecture world. The prize is to honour “a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision and commitment”. A lot of Zaha Hadid’s designs have been built however I found it very interesting that many of her designs / ideas have not been built even though many have won prizes and competition. Zaha Hadid is currently completing a project for the London Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics 2012. The buildings I have chosen to discuss are the Signature Towers also known as the dancing towers. The

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