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Jeremy Newton Professor Frank King English 101 22 January 2012 In “Are the Flags Still There?” Samuel Huntington addresses the before and after of September 11 2001. Huntington stated that flags used to regularly hang but on September 11 the liquor store was the only one until two weeks after September 11, seventeen flags flew on the block. According to Huntington, Americans have been flag oriented people and the stars and stripes have the status of a religious icon. The flag has never been as omnipresent as it was after September 11. Flags became very popular with about 80 percent of Americans said they were displaying a flag. An extremely interesting fact that Huntington stated was the fact that Wal-Mart sold 116,000 flags on September 11 and 250,000 the next day compared to 6,400 and 10,000 on the same days a year earlier. Huntington states that many Americans had low salience of national identity before the terrorist’s attacks on September 11. Huntington states that American consciousness had been battered by Globalization, multiculturalism, cosmopolitism, immigration, sub nationalism, and antinationalism. According to Huntington, in 2000 America was less a nation then it had been for a century because the stars and stripes hung at half-mast and other flags flew higher on the flagpole of American identities. Huntington is trying to say that it takes a tragic and significant event for Americans to really realize how lucky they are to be Americans. In a poem recited at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration, Maya Angelou identified twenty-seven racial, religious, tribal and ethnic groups and denounced the immoral repression they suffered. Huntington brought up Maya’s poem because it showed significant examples of how these groups had suffered. Prominent intellectuals and scholars attacked nationalism, according to Huntington they were warned of the dangers

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