YUM Brands Essay

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1. Marketing from a Global Perspective – the entire world is a marketplace. • Seeks out promising foreign markets actively – goes to places like China where people have never seen western food or westerners. It was an overnight success. Clean, well lit, employees friendly, food fabulous • Even with an overall marketing strategy on a global scale, international approach----causes YUM! To customize to fit local culture. For example, KFC does not target children in US but in Asian and latin America, Chicky the international mascott has proven very successful. 400 BD parties per year, per restaurant. Mexico. Equador once a month has a Chicky party in town square 12k kids. Where kids are a little more important. • Brazilians do not like touching foods with their hands so they have to make sure the packaging allows people to eat without touching. 2. Relationship Perspective • To effectively execute its marketing plan, YUM works to establish fruitful relationships with outside organizations and within its own workforce. CUSTOMER MANIAC initiative is to provide a level of service that will keep consumers returning. Exceed expectation. Crew member think of every touch point. Total customer satisfaction. • Focus on employee appreciation and rewarding those who excel at jobs. Recognition. Triple domino effect. • Build relationships with outside partners. Franchisee who knows the market. Real estate, labeling, labor practices, best way to merchandise product. To bring success 3. An Ethics Perspective. Assure delivery on its promise, rely on CHAMPS program. Has a mystery shopper evaluate. Use CHAMPS acronym to apply to everything on their platform. 4. A Customer Value Perspective Customer value is important. Competition even in smaller international markets. Must show customers the VALUE relative to competitors.—real food fast 5. Productivity

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