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Lecture: July 16th: Bobs burgers, cleavland show. CONTINUE FROM LAST WEEK: * Television is a site for struggle of the family. * Television responds to changing values in society. * TV is not a machine that is brought into (invades) and structures the social space of the home and everyday life. It is brought into everyday life and social space. * How do we incorporate TV into our lives… * TV is a “seamless equivalence with social life” (Stephen Heath). * The texts and technology of TV must fit into a specific social formation The preexisting structures of the family. * TV represents a home-centured way of life * **TV represents an idelized reflection of the family * **Offers only private solutions to social problems…problems are solved within the conframes of the family itself, not broader social, economic, and political solutions. GET ONINE SLIDE > TV emereged alongside a particular conception of the family, a particular structure of the family, and a particular social structure into which the family fits * Sub urbanization dispersal of extended families and the need for new kinds of social organizations. * The nuclear family is not universal. * Sitcoms plays out the tensions over family life (middle life) – Example, Tim the tool man tailor. Those tensions are resolved – audiences get pleasure – by the end of the program. * It teaches us how to consume – offers a nest for advertisers. * The family sitcom is a capitalist realism – set of symbolic conventions that grow out of and support a set of economic practices which are celebrated and promoted. * Shows never question the status quo, they don’t engage the social, political, and economic world in which the families exist. * The sitcom is the heart of consumer capitalism because if offers advertisers a means to sell products.

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