Youtube Is a Media? Essay

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How did the Cloud Computing change our life? the way we do our businesses? the way we communicate with each other? The Internet has become a significant part of people’s lives. The significance is that it has transformed the way how people communicate with each other, do their shopping and run their businesses. The collection and distribution of information is another thing that was transformed by the Internet. For instance, a group of student working on a research project and getting their whole research done on the Internet in a short period of time; whereas in old times people would spend lots of time to gather information. The Internet is a lifestyle and it became a social life with the advent of networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook. Based on the case study, the problems that the Internet has caused to the media industry are huge because it transformed the industry, especially movie and music industries. The sales of CDs and DVDs have been declining, on the other hand, the sales of songs and movies downloaded from the internet have hit the roof. Many people download songs and movies illegally which causes businesses a significant loss of money and some of them even lose their businesses (Laudon, Laudon, & Brabston, 2011). The technology is changing day-by-day and these constant changes are causing some industries and companies to stay behind and struggle. The music and movie industries are the two main ones that have lost and still are losing a significant amount of money to piracy and many people are getting laid off. The adverse effect of the Internet has surrounded the motion picture industry and many other industries as well because of the high level of the Internet accessibility. Based on the case study, “Increased levels of high-speed Internet access, powerful PCs with DVD readers and writers, portable video

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