Youth: the Bearers of Change Essay

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Youth: The Bearers of Change Youth: Ummm, are they the disturbing, unruly, inexperienced, self-professed winds of rebellion or are they the real bearers of change, as experienced recently in the Middle East and not too long ago in China and other Asia Pacific countries and really in most parts of Europe. They are our tomorrow - the next world leaders be it in politics, finance, sports, you name it, they are there. Accept it or be left behind. They are forward thinking, experimental and daring where the 'more experienced' fear to tread. They use modern technology to its fullest intent and surprise their piers who are determined to hang on to their own experiences and life's lessons, which sadly, don't seem to be enough in this time and generation. There's so much out there to be conquered, so much life to live and lived fully. 'They are not willing to rely on fables and myths, cultural beliefs or traditions... they want to make their own. All this energy is a great asset when applied correctly, but what happens when wrong thinking infiltrates the movement of change and common good becomes 'self-agenda''. Who makes the correction in the calculations and steer the movement away from catastrophe and destruction? Hopefully, right minded, clear thinking youth leaders who are charismatic enough to turn the move around. Yes, there are always those that will have their own agendas and spoil things for the well-meaning, but then there are those who are confident and secure in knowing that what they are doing is for the common good, and are not afraid to face the challenges ahead of them. With the various social injustices prevailing and the abrade forces that the world is riddled today, instead of being carried away by these harmful forces and currents the youth should find the solutions to these problems and work together to mend it. They should shape their
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