Youth Sport Volunteering: Developing Social Capital?,

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Title Tess Kay & Steven Bradbury (2009): Youth sport volunteering: developing social capital?, Sport, Education and Society, 14:1, 121-140 Topic This paper analyses the use of sport volunteering within the youth and how it contributes and affects the development of social capital. In reviews conducted with the UK, it emerged that social capital is a key theme in developing sporting policies. This paper outlines that by providing young people with a structured sports volunteering programme, they can be equipped with the skills for volunteering while creating opportunities for ‘social connectedness’ through networking. It also examines the effectiveness of these programmes on participants, how readily these participants would commit to future voluntary community activities and if continual support would be beneficial to the wider community. The paper’s research and findings along with the programmes examined are all based in the UK. While predominantly based Context From the outset, beginning with the subtitle, “Youth sport volunteering: developing social Capital” and through the evidence of the sources that the authors cite, the main context of the paper is sociology. The paper was written through research and references from other sources but demonstrates a thorough analysis from these sources on the effectiveness of a program on society and the ramifications on individuals. With the every changing social landscape, the authors may provide a follow up to the research they initially found. With mixed conclusions stated in the paper (page 138), it provides a good foundation for future research and develop the ongoing conversation of the effectiveness of youth sport volunteering. The main areas of study within sociology that this paper analyses throughout are clear which are social capital, social participation and active

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