Youth Representation in Music Essay

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An investigation into the representation of young people in PBR&B music PBR&B is a genre of music that begun in the late 2000s. The term ‘PBR&B’ is used to describe and categorize an alternative style to contemporary R&B. The term came about as a joke used by Sound of the City writer Eric Harvey (, using a combination of R&B and PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon), a beer that is associated with hipster subculture. Other names given to this genre of music are indie R&B, alternative R&B and R-Neg-B ( ( Notable artists of this genre are The Weeknd, Miguel and Jhene Aiko. Brandon Neasman of The Grio views this new wave of artists as “changing of the guard in R&B, from the smooth, cool heartthrobs to these vulnerable, off-kilter personalities" He describes the production of the music as “echo-laden and lofty” and highlights the excessive use of synthesizers and filtered drums ( Hermione Hoby of The Guardian describes the genre as “quietly radical” and "an ongoing, mutually enriching dialogue between indie and electronic musicians and R&B artists."( The lyrical content of PBR&B is mostly overtly political and/or sexual. They are far more explicit than what you would find in contemporary R&B and seem to contain a deeper meaning. The genre conventions of PBR&B videos are focused on love, sex and drugs. The Weeknd in particular has a lot of focus on drug abuse in his songs and videos. Most videos of this genre feature many young people as these conventions can be seen as issues and events that young people do

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