Youth Hoping for the Greatness of the Motherland Essay

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by MJ FLORES and JJ Jimenez The person standing in front of you does not have the persuasion of Rizal, neither his wit, nor his intellect. But this person, whom your eyes are watching, whom your ears are listening into, has in his heart what Rizal passed into the youth – hope. My fair ladies, admirable gentlemen, distinguished guests, fellow speakers, friends, to the great hero, who dreamed of a better nation, and to all FiwWlipinos, who shares the dream, good afternoon. Hope—a word that is often misused, and frequently abused. So much grandeur is put into it, that its real essence is deviated. Let us not be like an ancient Sophist, who would utter the word in the finest methods and attempt to persuade the people with his rhetoric, not putting into mind the damage he is doing with the truth of the matter. . True words, my friends, are not beautiful; beautiful words are not true. Let us then use the word in its essence, and not complicate it by superficial oratory. Optimism is the feeling of having a positive outcome for the future. It is the thing that keeps the world go round. It keeps us to advance. With the many challenges we face, and the countless adversaries that contest us, hope is the leap of ourselves towards our grandest path. It is the same leap that ignited Bonifacio, Mabini, Aguinaldo and other Katipuneros to unchain the nation from the fetters of colonization. Our freedom fighters had realized that at the end of the day, a better Philippines is possible, the optimism of our unbounded history. Dr. Jose Rizal, hoped that one day our Motherland would sleep in serenity. He was optimistic that this country would someday attain liberty, freedom; and independence from foreign colonizers. Rizal had passed the task to the sole reverie of fresh yet critical minds—to us. The fair hope of our motherland! as Rizal said. We hold the silver pen of

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