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My youth group has been my life for the past six years. I’ve benefited in many aspects of life because of this great group I’m so involved it. I’ve held three leadership positions, done community service, gone on trips, lead small groups, and many other activities that have helped me grow, both professionally and spiritually. Christianity is a very big part of my life. The trips we’ve gone on have all revolved around the basic wish of all Christians, which is to help others find God. In doing so, I have lead many people to Christianity with my speech skills. In January of 2006, I won a speech competition in Ocean City, MD, in which I wrote, memorized, and preformed a sermon to over 5,000 young teenagers. It was way more exhilarating than any speech I’ve ever given in the classroom setting. I had to prepare myself to speak to very critical teenagers, much like myself. Standing backstage, I was shaking before I went on, even though I was with the other finalists in the competition. They were there for support. Once I got up on stage, I realized that speaking wasn’t the hardest thing to do; especially when it’s something you love. Leadership positions have also helped me over the past six years. I have learned how to prioritize my time, plan and host events, and get across to people who may not want to hear what I had to say. These skills will greatly help me in the Public Relations field. Knowing exactly what I want to do is a great aspect to admitting me into the Honors College at Millersville University. My youth group has lead me down the road I’m on, and has helped me in many ways. Without God in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am, or maintaining the lifestyle I have chose to lead. My involvement in extracurricular activities has been a main part of my high school experience. I hope to continue down the road I’m traveling, including a college

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