Youth gang Involvement

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Youth Gang Involvement Many people hear it, many see it, and many people experience it, youth gang involvement. Whether you personally, your own children, friends or relatives. In some areas it is worse than others, especially involving teens. Youth gang involvement is a very big problem today. People have different views on the subject and their own methods of helping this problem, although there are many simple things can help. It is where most problems and crimes begin, including murder, drugs, violence, theft and even jail. There are many different ways including at home, at school, in the community and in church or groups that can all help stop or prevent youth gang involvement. Some may say home is the core of all youths. It is where they are from, where they grow up, and where values are learned and taught. For example, George Bush and Don Quayle say the lack of family values is behind our problems. Parents and family members should teach good and strong values to their kids, especially at young ages. Such as right from wrong, polite and proper manners, respect for elders and authority, proper school values, etc. When children are growing up with these proper values, they are “engraved” in their minds. Where these values are a part of their life and come automatically. This also helps with older siblings. Kids tend to look up to their older brother or sister and follow their footsteps. For example, my family always taught me good values, including my older brother. Although nearly half of my friends and neighbors where involved in gangs, I was never tempted to join or get involved. Now I seem to be doing better than them. Many people have many methods of stopping gang involvement but it can start right from the home. Of course school is another major factor that influences or can help youths with gang involvement. For example, in my high school, it’s where

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