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These days it is becoming increasingly more common that young people are getting represented in a more negative and cynical way. In my essay I intend to discuss the representations of teenagers in the past, teenage rebellion, representations of schools, also discuss why British schools have been under represented, also talk about current antisocial behaviour and some comedy sketches that have been based on teenage life’s. Firstly I would like to discuss the point that some representations of family life in the past gave the impression that teenagers were kind and considerate and got along with all the family and also supported one another if in any trouble. A classic example of were this is conveyed is in the 1970’s TV episodes the ‘Waltons’. The Waltons was a well known TV series during the 70’s, it portrayed a picture of what family life should be which is/was all the family happy and getting a long. Personally I feel this representation is a very false representation I feel there has always been conflicts with parents and their children no matter what decade we live in.I don’t feel that people can really relate to this TV series. However on the other hand this shows how teenage life has changed dramatically over the years. Another theme that is popular in the media text is teenage rebellion; this was popular in the past and is still popular now. An example of teenage rebellion in the past was the TV series ‘The Wild One’ in 1953 which stars Marlyn Brando. In this TV series there were numerous ways that behavior was perceived as rebellious such as seeming very intimidating to everyone, treating the older generation with disrespect and also drinking, smoking and displaying antisocial behavior. This TV series was banned in Britain for 14 years because it was feared that people would copy the behavior that was displayed. In actual fact I don’t feel that

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