How youth benefit from service of servicemen and women

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All kids love holidays, when they don’t have to go to school. They may not know why we celebrate November eleventh, and May twenty fifth with special church services and assemblies. They don’t really know why veterans wear their uniforms and talk to us at assemblies about some day or experience they had in Vietnam, World War II, Korea or even Iraq. Some of the kids even fall asleep during these old people’s speeches and don’t really care about what happen on D Day, Pearl Harbor or Midway Island, all they care about is not being in class learning english, math, science or history. But how does the youth of America benefit from the service and sacrifice of those veterans in uniforms at the assemblies or those men and women that never made it home? Do we benefit by being able to say we are the best country in the world, or is our benefits really just all the freedoms that we now have because of the Revolutionary War way back in the 1700’s? I believe that our benefits are those freedoms from the Revolution War. In order to really know how you benefit from the sacrifice of all the brave men and women, who have served there country with pride and honor, you have to be able to be thankful for what you have and what you could not have. If you aren’t thankful for being able to have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, you really don’t know that you are benefiting from those freedoms stated in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Not only are we benefiting from the freedoms we have in the Constitution but we are also able to benefit just because we are an American. We benefit by being an American just because we are living in the country with the most freedoms. We have gained and protected these freedoms by fighting in wars, even though some wars people claimed never did any good, such as Vietnam and Iraq. I believe that we did benefit

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