Youth and Money Essay

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“Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” I believe that this idiom speaks loud enough for adults and youths alike. As a youth of the modern day, I trust that it is quite safe to claim that youths of today are much more independent and have a mind of their own. They are capable of taking care of themselves when their parents are away from home. In suburban areas like Los Angeles, most teenagers are given bucket loads of pocket money enough to feed a village for a week. It is because their parents who hold high level positions in their professions typically do not have enough time to spare for their children as they are so caught up in their work, with a belief that ‘time is money’. Thus, parents compensate by giving their children the dough to fulfill their heart’s desires. Youths of today may have multiple bank accounts set up by their parents, but they do not have the skills to manage their money well. Even though the youths are much more independent, it is unfortunate that we have a shallow mindset towards how we financially plan for the future or even provide safety nets for any possible financial downfalls. The pocket money (or some folks would consider the amount to be a monthly salary) is given to the child, from the parent, regularly every week or every month. Hence, there is no need nor awareness for the youth to manage their money as the money spent will always be reimbursed. Hence, the wallets are never empty. I always exhale a sigh of relief when I receive fliers concerning talks or seminars about Financial Management for the Youth as I believe it is an initial step for youths to be more prudent about their money. Most youths throw the fliers away at one glance or treat it as rough paper to complete their Mathematics homework as they do not deem this skill imperative. Marketing is a

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