Youth and Money Essay

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As you can see today, young people spend their money foolishly because of circumstances and pressure from friends and other young people. This is what we will discuss about this topic. What can parents do to teach their kids to save money? This is what we will try to discuss. The scariest thing about youth and money is the amount of money the youth waste. Every year, young people waste billions of money for unimportant things especially for video games, foods, fashion, shopping etc. A lot of spend a lot of money each week on buying the newest video game. Now if you look back 10 years, that generation of teenagers would only spend a very small amount of money on things like this and this was simply because the range of games that were released each week was very small indeed. If you take a look at the market now you will see that there are a number of games, perhaps between 3-5 decent games released each week. You can see the problem here if a teenager wants all of the video games but has very little money to spend each month. This thing happens also for the food they buy. Although teenagers staying away will not be spending much time and money on food it would seem that teenagers still at home with a part time job spend a lot of their money on food and drink. The fact is that a lot of teenagers couldn’t really care less about the price of their food because they have the money to waste. You will most likely not be surprised when I tell you that teenagers do not eat enough vitamins, minerals and other good things that a growing body needs. This of course is thanks to the great fast food chains that are of course very good for giving the growing body plenty of saturated fats. Anybody who wants to be cool as a teenager will know that fashion is very important and it would seem that a good sense for fashion comes with a very high price tag. Fashion is even more

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