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You tired, you poor Brigitte Dutertre De La Montagne de Pouzy is Beatrice’s sister and Charles is Brigitte’s brother in law. With Alfonse, they’re (Brigitte & Alfonse) both French immigrants. Brigitte belongs to the French aristocracy. Bridget Dumapoozi, alias Brigitte Dutertre De La Montagne de Pouzy, is the protagonist of the story. The story takes place on Ellis Island, where she is waiting to enter in the American territory in the early eighteenth century. She is part of emigrants from Europe who migrated by mass at that time to make a fortune, change of life or flee war ... on the new continent. Brigitte comes from a rich and aristocratic French family, as shown her handle name, now ruined. However, she remains arrogant, posh and feels superior to other travellers, she describes as "pungent". Her parents have sent her sister Beatrice, probably prettier than she is, in America so that she marries a rich American who could bail out the family. But she fell in love with a certain Chas' Blackburn of Ashville, North Carolina and she is already pregnant with Chas Junior. Beatrice had received a first class ticket whereas Brigitte who travelled in third class, so she ended up on Ellis Island. The text is talking about the stage of the census of immigrants on Ellis Island. At the beginning Brigitte feels humiliated close to these travellers of which she protects herself of their stench with her lavender-perfumed hand-kerchief. Then she passes successively through embarrassment, fatigue, despair to breathe free, but definitely she is not wretched refuse. For her it was an outrage to be mixed with these two thousand kinds of passengers. Furthermore, she felt, as usual, disappointed when she thought of her sister Beatrice. As identification done the laborious, she noticed with horror how her name had been massacred. One would have expected her to be angry but she

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