How will your college education improve you and your community

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In our days today, competition is a big factor specially in finding the right job. As a high school graduating student, I want to pursue my studies further I believe that having my college diploma will be my ticket to achieve my goals and dreams. I could find a good job that will certainly support my family. By entering a university will also help me to cultivate my professional growth. It will lead me to the right path that I’ve always wanted to be and at the same time I am a responsible citizen and therefore I am a cooperating member of the community. I was chosen to be a Youth Councilor Official in Quezon City Hall on the Youth Week that was held on December 8-12, 2008. In this Youth Week, I experienced to be a real City Councilor and talk about the situation of the city. I also make an ordinance and resolution that could truly cure the illness of the city. Even though I am a youth, I could also improve my community just by participating programs and seminars that involve the development and good sake of the people. I am looking forward to have a college education that could really help me to engage in activities in improving my community. But still we cannot afford the tuition fee in today’s universities. I have six siblings and none of them have a job. My father a fireman and is now suffering from heart disease and spending much of his salary to his treatments and medicines. My mother has no job and is the one who’s in charge in our house and takes good care of my five-year old twin brother. I am Francis De Asis not just a high school graduating student but also a concerned citizen who is hoping to be assisted by the scholarship program. It will be a great help if I have given the chance to receive a scholarship. By this scholarship program, my father will no longer have a problem in paying my tuition

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