Your Children Have the Right to Remain Responsible

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Your Children Have The Right to Remain Responsible Hannah Delarosa The debate on whether parents should be accountable for their children’s behaviour has gone on for a long time.This is a discussion I say no to, mainly because parents don’t keep watch 24/7, children are not puppets, and that they need to learn from their own mistakes. My first reason depicted was that most parents are not present with their child every moment of the day. An example of constant distance is when your kid is enrolled into school. They are away for at least 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 10 months a year, until the graduation of high school. During this time, your children learn from several teachers with different views of how to educate. They will make friends, who have unique hobbies and personalities apart from their own. Your son(s) and daughter(s) ,will inevitably be no longer influenced by only what happens inside the house. Your kids are exposed to the environment in which they interact in, and its up to them whether that will mean a benefit for themselves or not. Pursuing this further is my second thought on why I say no. Children, like any other human being all have their own free will. They are not your clones, only to be duplicated and look or act the way you do, or not puppets to be controlled every which way. You can tell them what to do, but at the end of the day its their own choice to take your advice or ignore it. As a parent, you know you weren’t an adult your whole life. You knew the feeling of being a carefree kid, then transitioning into a teens awkward world, like I am, with many questions and opinions. You then grew up and decided to raise children whether they be biological or adopted. Its not because of parents that their kids act a certain way, but because of their own decisions, which are not always the right ones. This proves

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