Your Carerr as an IT Professional Essay

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Your Career as an IT Professional Eric Munson Axia College of University of Phoenix Abstract People in general are always hoping that they are in the career that will last forever. While many careers do last for a very long time, the demand for, IT professionals will never cease to be an ongoing search. Even as computers advance more and more in technology and self-thinking, there is still the need for professional people to maintain and operate these intelligent devices. Careers in the IT field are still at a high. The demand from corporate companies for skilled professionals is still at a very high demand. If you enjoy working on computers at home, and often wondered how things worked. On the other hand, are always rebuilding your machine because you broke it, trying to figure something out, then the IT field is for you. Your Career as an IT Professional There are many aspects to the IT profession. The final decision will ultimately be yours to decide. There are many questions to ask yourself before you decide to choose a field. Do you like to spend hours in front of your computer without getting up? Are you more of a hands-on type of person, which enjoys moving around? Do you have good verbal and written skills, and enjoy interacting with people? Each one of these questions leads to a possible different field. The person whom enjoys sitting at there desk for hours on end may choose Web Development, Computer Programming, Graphics Design, etc. The person whom tends to be more hands-on may prefer to more of a Network Administrator or Database Administrator. If you are also good with people and have good verbal, and written skills, then the Computer Engineer might be the choice for you. This paper is going to focus more on the Network Administrator field, but some of the information contained can pertain to any field in the IT profession. I was the

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