Young Students Against Bad Science

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Young Students against Bad Science 1.9.14 We live in a country where we are able to think freely and we were all created with an individual mind to think for ourselves. A lot of places we go can influence the way we think. One of those places can be at school. People learn a lot from school whether the influence was good or bad. Learning the wrong thing can affect the way a person thinks long term. Students and/or school faculty can influence you in good or bad ways. Students should have some influence to what they learn in school because the teacher is not always right. In “Young Students Against Bad Science” by Douglas Quenqua, Zack Kopplin, a 20 year old from Louisiana, is campaigning to stop the teaching of creationism in public schools. He doesn’t agree with the fact that creationism is being taught in science classrooms. He is trying to repeal the Louisiana Science Education act of 2008, which basically is teaching creationism in public schools. I believe that public schools should follow the same curriculum and teach evolution instead of creationism because everyone has a mind of their own and some may not think that we were created by a higher power. Some believe we evolved. The ones who believes in creationism should be sent to a religious school. I believe what Zack Kopplin is fighting for is right and it is definitely influencing what we learn in a good way. Kopplin is a good example of why students shall also have a say in what we learn in our schools curriculum. Another student named Katelyn Campbell, 18, whom I believed also influenced our curriculum in a good way, thought that her school gave false information about sex education. An abstinence advocate Ms. Pam Stenzel came to her school in Charleston, Virginia to educate the students about sex. She shared with the students that condoms provide no protection from
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