Young People Enjoy Life More Than Older People?

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Nowadays, the social dynamic is changing rapidly in our society. There are always something new occur everyday, therefore it seems that the old people cannot catch the pace of the rapid changing as well as young persons. Nonetheless, it dose not means that young people can enjoy life more than older people. The first key reason of I do not agree with the statement that older people cannot enjoy life more than young people is that some of them also can learn the new things well and receive the new ideas quickly. Take my grandmother as an example she is a person who live in a simple life. Regardless of there ages, not only can they receive the new ideas as well as young persons like me, but they give a reaction of the new things as well. My grandmother can go hook on internet to search information every day and she can communicate with her old friends in her spare time through computer. Can you say that she cannot enjoy her life as I can? Another reason is that it cannot be said that older people do not enjoy their life is that older people have their own way of life, may be different from the young ones, they can also enjoy their own life well. For instance, sometime they have to care about their family and definitely have no time to do the things as the young persons do. Some of them have to do the household chores everyday, and some of them have very busy works to do everyday. This varies according to their social responsibility which they have to take. But, to some extent, I do not think this style of life would not make them happy, although a little busy, very fulfilling. Just like my mother who is such a busy woman, but she think herself enjoy her own life very well. In conclusion, some older people can enjoy their life well, since they can also get the pace of the modern life or they may have their own way of life and live in a busy but fulfilling life,
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