Young Is Better Than Old Essay

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We lived in the world that filled with a lot of people from different background and of course different age. Age sometimes considered just as a number for someone, because it will not affect what they can achieve. If you work hard to the fullest for something, probably it will be yours. So, age does not matter here. Different people have different view of what is the age range of young and old people. It fully depends on individual thinking. For me, the young people include the kids, teenagers an adult, and the old one include the people who already retire from work or the people who are the age is in the 50’s and above. But is it being young is better than being old? Money is not everything, but nowadays almost everything needs money. Without money we can never survive. Obviously, older people have work for longer time than young people. So, they will probably economically-stable rather than the young people which by means that they may already have house, car and other things. But the young ones may still struggling collecting money to fulfil their needs and wants. The young people still need to plan their budget well because without well-planned budget, it may be disaster to their life. For example, the old people may benefit a lot of increasing profit if they have already made investment during their young age. So, people with stable financial will probably have easier life and not need to think a lot about it anymore because they already have what they had wanted. There is a saying that experience is the best teacher. To an extent this statement is particularly true. Being an elderly person or more matured than the younger people, being old would be better since they will have more experience. This experience will give them great philosophy in life and they will know just the right way on how to overcome problems wether its about life, marriage nor does
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