Young Goodman Brown Vs Soldiers Home Analysis

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The Quest for Truth There are many intelligent, well renowned authors of literature who have had a significant impact on the desire to read literature for many generations. Two of the most famous readings are “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne and “Soldiers Home” by Ernest Hemingway. Each of these works of literature reflects a spiritual, personal and social conflict within its main characters, Goodman Brown in “Young Goodman Brown” and Harold Krebs in “Soldier’s Home”. Home sweet home is a saying that has been versed for many years. “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” (Austin). Home is a place of comfort and rest. It could also be considered our final resting place and sanctuary. Home is a place where good…show more content…
Before committing to a contract as a soldier in the United States Marines, he was enrolled as a student at a Methodist University in Kansas. He was a member of a vibrant fraternity. He had pride in his personal appearance, desired the goals and joys of life - a home of his own, a wife, children and a career. He soon knew that he would soon be a soldier on track for active battle what was becoming World War 1! Conflict and war was an experience he never encountered or embraced before. The realization of war was becoming a reality. When Harold Krebs returned home, victory celebrations had already occurred and the community was trying to return to the normalcy of life. “People seemed to think it was rather ridiculous for Krebs to be getting back so late, years after the war was over...At first Krebs, who had been at Belleau Wood, Soissons, the Champagne, St. Mihiel…. did not want to talk about the war at all.”(Hemingway 187). While embracing the comforts of home, Harold Krebs begins to ponder the experience of war. He refuses to accept fact and reality that the war was over and he has come home. The life he once knew, his family, and community has not changed. As a personal struggle, Harold Krebs begins to reflect and desire the activities of war and fierce battle. He comes to a personal conclusion that he missed the unique benefits of war as a United States Marine- Respect, Food,…show more content…
These unique pieces of literature have similar traits within the message of today. Everyone, whether good or bad, struggles with social conflicts, different moral, personal and social values. Each main character’s lives are reflective of the spiritual, personal and social struggles that we have to face and over come in society on a daily basis. People must embrace, encounter, and overcome these struggles if life is to be successful. Goodman Browns’ desire, faith, and feelings were greatly changed. He reflected on his true heart values and followed what he thought was truth, integrity and honesty. By venturing on an evil journey with the devil, he isolated himself from his family, faith, friends and community. Harold Krebs’ decided to simplify his life. “He would go to Kansas City and get a job and she would feel all right about it” (Hemingway 192). He turned inward, and found himself in an unusual, self inflicted, undesirable situation. Harold Krebs wanted to engage and embrace a simple life. Although Harold Krebs decided to “Go over to the schoolyard and watch Helen play indoor baseball”,(Hemingway 192) he had no desire for love, society and the beauty of home. Both Harold Krebs and Goodman Brown are symbolic of society today. There are opportunities to embrace good and evil,

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