Young Goodman Brown And The Rocking Horse Winner Comparison Essay

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There are many times in life which we comes to accept things we cannot understand. Often we come across situations where someone tries to draw similarities to certain situations. More times than not there can be some similarities drawn, but for the most part it is just not the same. No matter how hard that person(s) might try to convince you how similar the circumstance is, you know the truth. This same situation applies in the short stories " Young Goodman Brown" and " The Rocking Horse Winner." While these short stories are completely different in their plot, settings, point of view, etc., they do however share some similarities in the general message that they are trying to portray. This paper will explain both stories in detail, all while…show more content…
He informs his wife he must set off into the forest to embark on a journey in which we are not told why. On his journey in the woods, Goodman Brown comes in contact with an eerie man who claims to have known Goodman's father and grandfather. Nathaniel Hawthorne describes the man as an evil looking man who displayed poor character, which raises Goodman's speculation of the an truly knowing his father and grandfather. The man and Goodman continue off into the forest, where they meet an elderly woman named Goody Cloyse. The woman confirms Goodman's suspicions of the old man as being an evil spirit and to which she lets him know that she is a witch herself. Goody informs Goodman that she is headed to an evil ceremony in which they are initiating two new members to the dark side. Goodman then realizes one of the new members was his wife, Faith. Suddenly, everything Goodman was around was gone. Goodman heads home to Faith. Because of what he witnessed, or what he thought he witnessed, Goodman did not speak to Faith. Goodman Brown eventually passes away as a lonely, bitter, old man. " The Rocking Horse Winner and " Young Goodman Brown" had extremely different twists to them. But in both stories you found evidence of evil and greed. Paul's mother did not truly love her son, all she cared about was money and the quest for more money. Goodman Brown came across evil spirits that transformed his entire life. Paul

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