Young Girls in Europe

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Young Girls in Europe was presented at the Koger Center for the Arts last Friday night. It was put on by the USC Dance Conservatory. Anna Grace Fisher was the prima ballerina and she was accompanied by a wonder cast that ranged greatly in their skills as a dancer. The choreography was shared by Susan Anderson, Marissa Freeman, Kerrie Anne Dunn, Peter Garick, Anna Dragoni-Logan, Talin Kenar, English Nye, McCree O’Kelly, and Lindsey Shatzer. There was also no symphony for this dance. All the music was prerecorded. Some of the artist included Bach, Delibes, Gershwin, and Tchaikovsky. Young Girls in Europe is divided into seven scenes. It tells the story of a young American girl who visits Paris. While visiting she meets many new people and shares dances with them. Five young school girls, Ashley Craig, Frances Ellerbe, Sharon Logan, Christian Myers, and Freda Yin, meet the young American girl and invites her to join them on their trip. The young American girl accepts their invitation and journeys with them to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and Russia. They meet many foreign friends and enjoy many dances with them. Scene I-Paris. The curtain opens to a lively Paris street which is thanks to the scenic designer Eric Morris. There is an apple vender, a flower girl, a painter, clown, soldier, and some school girls. They are all dressed as their part in very lively and colorful costumes. All the dancers/characters greet the young American girl as she comes onto stage. Scene II-Le Jardin Enchante has the young American girl wondering into a beautiful garden. She lies down on a park bench to take a nap and begins to dream of what she will see in Paris. The garden becomes alive and she begins to dance with the enchanted creatures and flowers. Young dancers come out dressed as bees, butterflies, flowers, and a blue bird. They dance around the girl and get her to join
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