Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies

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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies Jaime Draper BSHS/325 Human Systems and Development August 16, 2014 Professor Marcy Stern Young and middle adulthood are times of changes and decision making. A person in young adulthood will begin by deciding where to live, what career path to choose, if marriage is an option, and whether or not to have children. Transitioning into adulthood, many things that a person felt were settled can change due to unforeseen circumstances; death of a loved one, divorce, or layoff from a job. Another aspect that can affect how a person deals with adult life is through choices and habits, and whether these are done from a healthy or an unhealthy approach. Beginning adulthood with health habits, and the ability to make sound choices is going to make the difference in how a person deals with the myriad of situations that can come up in life. Jackson, 25 years old, is the focus of this paper, and how family, intimate relationships, social situations, affected the habits and decision making process of his life so far. Family, Social, and Intimate Relationships Jackson comes from a single parent home, where he lives with his mother and two siblings. There has been no contact with his father, though he does have a male in his life, Michael, his mother’s boyfriend that tries to serve as a parental influence. Jackson had two six month relationships in high school where he proposed to both girls, but broke both off, in which each girl cited emotional detachment from him. Jackson moved dorm rooms in college after finding himself attracted to his roommate, being uncomfortable with the

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