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Memorandum To: Hospital Staff Date: 9/8/2015 Re: Heart Transplant To Whom It May Concern, As of today I have received a call regarding the transport of a new heart. We have 3 candidates that are in need of this new heart and comes to the hard decision on who will get the new heart. Our candidates are as follows: Jerry: a 55 year old family man who’s heart was damaged to steroid use as a bodybuilder before the effects and dangers were known. He has 3 children ages 14, 16, and 19 years old and a wife who is a stay at home mother. He works as a mid – level manager at a carpet distributing company. His life expectancy after transplant is 10 – 15 years. Lisa: a 12 year old female only child who has lifelong health issues and has suffered viral infections and a lupus like immune deficiency. Her heart was damaged to pneumonia and stopped from a brief period. Her mother began CPR. Even with a transplant her expectancy of surviving another 10 – 15 years are not good. Her father an oncologist is offering to donate $2 million to the hospital if she is chosen. Ozzie: single 38 male, no family, homeless drug abuser. Ozzie was brought into the hospital by a charity that assists men with no assets or insurance. His heart condition is due to his continued abuse and overdosing of crack cocaine. Without a transplant he will not survive for a month. He has become involved with tutoring local troubled teens and provided counseling about the life of an abuser. He has signed a contract with the charity that he will continue to be a counselor-mentor for a year after the transplant. Life expectancy after transplant could be another 10 years maybe more if he is successful staying off drugs. With his history he has a severe risk of recidivism. After reviewing these candidates I have made the difficult choice and decide that Jerry will be the best candidate for the
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