Are you ready, boots? Essay

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Do I love my boyfriend? Should I spend two months’ rent on a pair of boots? Is he really just a bore? Are these boots really meant for walking? These are some of the questions the main character in the short story “Are You Ready, Boots?” must ask herself, as she ponders her life and potential future. The story starts up in New York, where we are introduced to Lulu who is with some friends, shopping for shoes. Lulu finds the boots that must come back home to London with her. They are the perfect ones, and she thinks “they make me (red. her) feel like a Bond girl”. When talking about the shoes – she is also the narrator - she refers to Nancy Sinatra and Carrie and says that they make her feel like a star. These pop culture references also tell the reader that the story is set in modern times. As just mentioned, we hear this story with Lulu herself as the narrator, and this first person point of view helps the reader to see, not only, her happiness with the Manolo boots but also how “sick and ashamed” she feels about buying these very expensive boots. The next time we hear about the boots, which also is the first time she decides to wear them – six months after she bought them and now back in London – her prophecy comes true – or so she thinks. When she bought the shoes, she said that, she would meet her future husband in these. And the first time she wears them she fall in love with Charlie – a handsome man in a corner of a bar. They fall for each other and in the beginning everything seems perfect; they do normal date things such as “a walk in the park, an exhibition, a movie” and finally become girlfriend and boyfriend. Lulu seems to think he is everything she wants; “He was always cuddly, always rang me when he said he would…”. He has all the things women longs in a man. However Lulu is an impulsive, modern young woman – after all, she did spend two

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