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REVIEW: YOU MANAGE YOUR CAREER AND DON’T LET OTHERS DO IT By JAMES CROWSON Bachelor of Arts in Political Science The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK 1998 Master of Public Administration The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK 2010 Submitted to the Faculty of the Aerospace Executive Development of the Oklahoma State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of DOCTOR OF EDUCATION February 16, 2013 REVIEW: YOU MANAGE YOUR CAREER AND DON’T LET OTHERS DO IT Benton (2009) writes about managing one’s career and not letting others do it. This paper discusses some of his and other scholars’ major thoughts along this subject. These thoughts include: first, taking responsibility for one’s own career; second, the protean career; third, a self-managed career; fourth, ways to manage one’s career; fifth, a personal reflection; and sixth, concluding thoughts. Let us now shift our attention to personal responsibility. First, among the most salient points of the book is the universal concept of taking responsibility for oneself. Benton’s (2009) points about managing one’s career fit nicely within that context. Throughout the article, there are many strategic and tactical career maneuvers in the article; yet again, the most important lesson communicated is one of personal responsibility (p. 181). It seems obvious enough that one should take charge of their career and life. Organizational leaders expect this and nothing less. Yet there are many people who fail in this area. They drift through life without having a clear destination. Benton’s (2009) message is helpful; but at the same time, the counter-point is a bleak outlook because the information presented in the reading must be dealt with. If a person reads this and takes no action, then what that communicates is their interpretation of “how not to be a leader,” “how not to get a promotion,”

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