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BUSINESS TRAVEL ADVISORY ASSIGNMENT With a partner, prepare a Bristol board, brochure or video for the following assignment: Requirements 1. Create a Business Travel Advisory Report in which you identify at least 10 challenges /issues/factors (Political and Economic System) facing businesses entering a foreign country (Each group must do a different country). Describe with clarity, each challenge. 2. Challenges, issues and factors to include: * Political System of Country * Risk of Political Instability * Ownership Risk * Operations Risk * Transfer Risk * Kidnapping * Terrorism * Withdrawal of Freedoms * Extremist Groups * Legal Concerns * Role of Military * Corruption and Business * Religious/Ethnic Pressures * Travel Advisories * Economic system of country Read through “4.2 Assessing Global Political Risks Worksheet” for a description of each item listed above. 3. Recommend ways to minimize or find a solution for EACH challenge and issue. Ex. Kidnapping – security service and kidnapping insurance Use the following website as a starting point: You will need to research using more than the website included. BUSINESS ADVISORY REPORT EVALUATIONC3. Assess ways in which political, economic and geographic factors influence international business methods and operations | Level 1Below Expectations1- 1 1+ | Level 2Meets Most

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