You Dont Need to Be Thin to Be Gorgeous

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Teens think that to be popular it is important to look a certain way. This certain look is not always pretty. In fact, in my mind, anorexia is not pretty. Anorexia is a disease, involving severe weight loss. Anorexia usually begins when a diet is started. Most anorexics still fell fat even when one fourth of their body weight is lost. A person with anorexia has a lack of self confidence. Not only women have anorexia but men too can have this eating disorder. The average teenage or adult woman needs to eat between 4000 to 7500 kilojoules each day to stay healthy. A person with anorexia will eat 1000 to 2000 kilojoules a day. A lot of people with anorexia say that they like to feel hungry because than they know they are not gaining weight. A lot of anorexics become anorexics because they have been abused physically or mentally. People with eating disorders often want to feel special and accepted by others. Today women and teens are bombarded with pictures of thin supermodels. A lot of people will than think that it is OK be that small, but not everyone is able to be that size. Not everyone is happy with his or her body weight and think that if you are thin you are in shape. There is a big difference between being thin and being in shape. Anorexia is ranked the third highest illness in women and teens. As soon as you turn on the TV you see commercials with skinny models. It seems as if they are implying that to be pretty or gorgeous, you have to be thin. I think that this is wrong. I also think that advertisements teach children what to wear and what size to be. In a study that was done 7% of 318 children are sure to get an eating disorder before they reach their teens. Eating disorders are curable. The sooner the treatment begins, the better the chances for success are. The longer eating disorder victims go without treatment, the more likely they are to suffer from

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